GLEWS+ event

What constitutes a GLEWS+ ‘event’?

A GLEWS+ ‘event’ is a health event of potential international concern affecting domestic or wild animal populations, humans or the food chain. For food safety events that have an animal aspect, GLEWS+ will link with INFOSAN.
GLEWS+ health events will be identified on the basis of the following criteria:

  1.  first occurrence or recurrence of an event:
    •  unusual phenomenon for the area or season,
    •  event associated with an unknown hazard,
    •  new host or new vector able to transmit disease;
  2.  emerging threat with significant human or animal mortality or morbidity or with zoonotic potential;
  3.  potential for transboundary spread;
  4.  potential impact on international travel or trade.

In addition, data on newly identified pathogens in domestic and wild animal populations will be monitored to follow trends and changes in pathogenicity, which may indicate changing risks to human and animal health.

Health threats monitored by GLEWS+ include pathogens with high impact – including those that are zoonotic, have jumped species barriers, are of increased virulence or have invaded new geographical areas – and food hazards that threaten the food chain and international trade.

As GLEWS+ is intended to complement existing systems, health events will be identified and prioritized through the event-based surveillance systems of the three organizations, with each organization being responsible for the quality of their respective data and initial triage criteria. Linking early warning under GLEWS+ with results of joint risk assessments will respond to requests from stakeholders and priorities identified by countries.